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Parking at Night - Who is responsible for what happens?

San Francisco’s nightclubs are being unfairly blamed for safety problems at the city’s small parking lots. Monday night the SF Small Business Commission did discuss and agree to recommend  holding parking lot owners responsible for what happens on their parking lots at night, but not without a fight.  If this legislation does not pass it will single out several other industries, including nightlife as the cause of unsafe parking lots. This bizarre and illogical change in the proposed legislation would shift the responsibility for one small business’s security and safety to a completely unrelated neighboring business. We applaud the final Small Business Commission decision but understand that the real time for this argument will be at the Board of Supervisors.  

While CMAC stands with SFPD and our neighbors in wishing to improve safety on city streets, our clubs can only be held responsible for what occurs inside and in front of their doors. Just as nightclubs take responsibility for huge improvements in their own safety in recent years (including Guard-Card requirements, promoter registration and widespread video integration), parking lot owners must take a hard look at their own industry and invest the required capital to make their properties safe. CMAC is ready to provide case studies and consultation with any small business that wishes to learn from our recent push to make our nightlife safer and more secure.

We ask that you join CMAC at www.CMACsf.org and  help us insure that this legislation places the safety burden on those that financially benefit, the parking lot owners.  Watch for a call to action and come testify with us when that date is known.

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