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Guy Carson, CMAC Executive Director


No doubt, CMAC’S greatest accomplishment is that it has given our industry a voice in City Hall and at the Capitol.  Whereas, before, our industry was roundly dismissed, we are now part of the discussion and decision-making process.  CMAC’S little band of volunteers have scored many victories in its four short years (CMAC's accomplishments), but there is much more work to be done, this year.  2014 is an election year, and we need to be unified and loud if we want to retain our seat at the table.





CMAC’s 2014 To-Do List:


  • Engage and educate voters to promote the election of entertainment friendly Supervisors in Districts 2, 4, 6 and 8 and an Assemblyman in District 17
  • Work to reform the creeping costs and regulation of outdoors events (especially 10B costs) which have already shut out 30 medium-sized outdoor events and threaten to kill off the “free concert” forever
  • Work to support a sustainable “total compensation package” for our minimum wage employees
  • Work to seek improvements in late night transportation
  • Work to amend or eliminate the planning code definitions of Bona Fide Eating Place, which currently threaten many of our members with closure
  • Promote “Plan For Fun” set-asides at the Planning Department, especially in Districts 6 and 10, so we can have safe and sane places to make some noise


Each of these issues directly impact our membership, and CMAC is already on the job defending our interests. Of course, this takes time and money, but mostly money - and the strength of numbers. That is why your membership is so important. If we don't use our loud voice, we won't be heard. 

So if you're an existing member we ask for you to re-up now, and if you're new to the game become a member and get involved. It's the small investment that pays off big, for as we all know: IT PAYS TO BE ORGANIZED. Please join today!

Thank you for your support.

Guy Carson

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