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West SOMA Plan - Almost a reality

Monday Feb 25th, 1:30 PM at San Francisco City Hall (2nd Floor), the Board of Supervisors is hearing the "Western Soma Plan". This plan will impact entertainment in San Francisco and is a last chance to act before the Mayor signs the plan into law. We need your help to amend the West SOMA Plan by sending an e-mail to the Board of Supervisors or showing up in person at this hearing.

Why do we need your help? Here are a few reasons:

Do you love social venues with entertainment? From the Brain Wash to Cafe Flore to Ruby Skye - all these venues need permits.

Does your community raise money at social functions? From the Eagle to El Rio, all need permits.

Do you like live music where you eat? Restaurants with live music, all need permits

The Western SOMA Plan impacts venues you love, and how they are permitted to do business in San Francisco. That's why we need your help.

Please send an e-mail to the Board of Supervisors or show up to the hearing with this message:

Subject: “I support the Board of Supervisors making these 5 Critical Improvements to the West Soma Plan:

1. No more residential permits on 11th Street between Folsom and Harrison. History tells us that residential and entertainment uses need some space around them, or conflict results. 11th street is a historic space for entertainment and there is no space on that block for residential.

2. Limited Live Performance Permits should be allowed to have live entertainment inside a tiny area up to 10 PM. A restaurant that wants a singer, piano or violin or a bar that wants jazz, needs this "Limited Live Performance" permit. Folsom Street and numbered cross streets (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th , 11th and 12th) should be allowed to have this permit. Live music should flourish, not be prohibited.

3. Folsom Street should be allowed more entertainment permits. Folsom Street is the new “main street” of San Francisco, paving the way for a nighttime economy that is helping our economic recovery. Why not expand permits and allow another Brain Wash or Cat Club?

4. Folsom Street needs commerce above the first floor. With conditional use authorization, Folsom Street should be allowed to permit restaurants and lounges on the second or third floor. San Francisco should open the door to innovative new places to eat.

5. Expand the sunset date on entertainment permits from 3 years to 5 years. If an entertainment venue closes for more than 3 years in SOMA, it is gone forever. Let's be more supportive of retaining our entertainment venues in San Francisco and let it be 5 years. This saves the Paradise and Raw Hide from disappearing and hurts no one.”

Below are addresses to the Board of Supervisors to send an e-mail:

David.Chiu@sfgov.org Jane.Kim@sfgov.org Scott.Wiener@sfgov.org

Thank you everyone for your advocacy, and we hope you write passionate letters and show up to the hearing to make your voice heard for the San Francisco you love!

california music and culture association