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CMAC After-Dark with the Warriors a Success!

San Francisco, CA - The California Music and Culture Association hosted the first of 2013 CMAC After-Dark Membership Mixers last night at San Francisco's reclining dining and entertainment establishment, Supperclub. Manager Michael Anthony and his professional staff presented a custom taco bar, drinks at the red bar, a DJ and an extraordinary Ariel act culminating the entertainment.

Renderings of the Warriors stadium at piers 30-32. Concept by Future Cities. Aerial view. Photo: Art Zendarski, Future Cities

During libations and networking, Gloria Chan, Mayor's office of was introduced by CMAC co-chair Alex Rosenthal and the members of CMAC who were in attendance were given an hour informal and detailed presentation on the challenging project the Warriors have begun; bringing a state of the art athletic facility that can be used for concerts of 15,000+ when games are not being played.

Ellen Warner, Vice President of Development for the Warriors shows the proposed artist concepts.

There were questions from the members were about the accessibility of the outdoor space. Who would do the bookings and manage the space when it was not being used for basketball and what would the large exterior ground be built for? Would it have infrastructure for a jazz festival or outdoor theater? What about an Art exhibition or antique car club? The answer is that while details are not all known, comments and questions were carefully recorded and the list of requests for the space added another page. The management of the space will be done in house and the members were excited about the opportunity this new space will provide for daytime outdoor events.

Warriors President Rick Welts takes questions from interested CMAC members.

San Francisco is lucky to have a local development company working on bringing the Warriors to the city who understands that local politics and what partnerships will be needed for this project to soar. If what we hear tonight is to be any clue, this will be a state of the art facility and will put San Francisco on the map by having a 15,000+ seat flexible use hall inside.

Exterior space is still being worked but a possible Amphitheater was talked about positively. For more information about the project contact info@CMACsf.org.

The next CMAC membership event will be held in the Mission. Watch for an email on just where we will land.

--------Steven for the CMAC Membership Team.

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